Monday, March 28, 2011

Hairy Situations.

Hair is a complex entity. When it comes right down to it, there is really only one place that we consistently like to encounter hair: on our heads. Whether on the body, off the body, on the head, or wherever, hair is generally a tremendous pain in the ass. That being said, there are places that are, hands down, the worst places to find hair. Allow me to guide you through this hairy hall of shame. 

On the Body. 

You will have to forgive me, in advance, for my somewhat gender biased approach to body hair and the unfortunate places that one might come across said hair. I am coming from the point of view of a male humanoid, but, please know that, I do agree that women have it way worse when it comes to hair. Oh sure, the male species may, in general, have more of it, but for women, unfortunately, nearly everywhere that hair naturally grows is frowned upon and looked at as undesirable. 

We have brainwashed our entire civilization to assume that any hair found on women, other than on the head, should immediately be dealt with in an excruciatingly painful way. We have to train ourselves to see a hairy lady as a beautiful natural beast. Unfortunately, as it is, we see a hairy lady, and we assume troglodyte. Is that fair to the dirty stinky unhygienic she-ogre? 


Armpit hair, leg hair, bikini zone, arm hair… The amount of time and effort that women have to put into the hair on their body is ridiculous. Everything is judged with a fine tooth comb (no pun intended). That being said, allow me to navigate you through what I feel to be the worst places to find hair, on the body. If you are a woman, multiply any of these by a million, in terms of annoyance and grief factor, and burn your bra. 

3) Unibrow 

There’s a fine line between a regular human and a Neanderthal. That fine line is the line that connects two eyebrows together, forming one solid Unibrow. There is a small window of people that can pull off this look, people like Bert (of Bert and Ernie fame). Unless you are Bert, you will most likely need to take care of it. I suggest an awful routine of tear inducing plucking, followed by a healthy dose of cursing your hairy parents, and their furry brows. 

Try to stick to only plucking the connection between the two individual eyebrows. Once you start trying to play God and shape your eyebrows into something new and enticing, you run the risk of overdoing it and reducing your eyebrows down to a ghoulish penciled in line (even worse if it literally is penciled in with some kind of makeup marker and there actually is no hair left), causing a perpetual look of confusion and intrigue. This will look far worse than the initial Unibrow, and will likely send you to jail, should you ever be part of a police lineup. 

Definitely, Number 3, just look at those pencil-thin eyebrows and that permanently guilty expression.” 
“What about Number 2?” 
“What the guy with the solid line over his eyes? Unibrow? No way, he looks like he collects stamps.”
“Bert, you’re free to go.” 

2) Hobbit Feet 

If foot hair somehow miraculously made a person more desirable to the opposite sex, then maybe there would be some case to argue that hairy feet and toes could be a positive physical trait. Unfortunately, this is not the reality that we live in. And really, would you want to be with someone who was into foot hair? Sexually

You might think that hairy feet would stay warm. You would be dead wrong. My hairy feet are constantly freezing cold, and yet somehow, ridiculously moist and sweaty throughout most of the day. Some might want to blame bad circulation for my cold and smelly feet, but I know better. It’s that damn hair. 

After an entire day of wearing socks, the foot hair actually hurts, kind of like when you wear a baseball cap all day, and then it hurts to move your head hair. And forget about comfortably wearing sandals and flip flops. The hair gets pulled at, and, you have to survive mountains of clever and amusing insults, such as 

“Hey, what’s it like living in the Shire?” or 
“Don’t eat me, ogre!!!!”, 

rendering your confidence to an abnormally low level. I can’t even imagine what a hairy-footed lady must have to endure. And the skin on the top of the foot is so thin that trying any kind of hair removal would basically be torture. I don’t recommend torture, so, as a result, it is a constant struggle to decide which is indeed the lesser of two evils: being seen with socks and sandals, or showing off your hairy hooves. 

Since stupid science is not yet advanced enough to offer hairy feet people with the option to amputate and replace their feet with sexy smooth robot feet, I’m afraid my only advice is to keep them covered up, until science catches up. Once they do, though, I’m totally paying extra to have guns and rockets put on mine. Science and Mattel still haven’t delivered the Hover Boards that were promised to us by Back to the Future II, but I feel that my eventual jet-powered rocket feet (complete with guns and racing stripes) will more than make up for it. 

For the record, I am not talking about one or two cute little hairs sticking out of one toe-knuckle, or a couple of little strays on the top of the foot. I am talking about a thick concentrated jungle of hair completely connected to the leg hair, creating one uniform and continuous river of fur flowing all the way from crotch to toes. 

1) Nose Hair 

If nose hair would just stick to its primary function and remain hidden within the nostril, it wouldn’t find itself in the top spot. Alas, nose hair frequently ventures out of its home searching for dust and dirt with which to form the finest of snots. Often times, it brings a booger with it on its journey out of the nostril rim, indifferent to how poorly this will reflect on you, during your one-on-one meeting with your manager. 

After giving your two weeks’ notice, on your way home from the office, should you decide to pluck the stray nose hair, you will be rewarded with pain, watery eyes, and the high possibility of forming a dreaded inside-the-nose zit. Also, you’re holding a nose hair, which looks like some kind of mutant insect leg. 

Each of these painstaking battles with your nose hair is part of a lifelong war, and honestly, if you look at any elderly person, it is quite clear that it is a war that the nose hair will inevitably win. 

Eventually you will give up, and over time you will become nothing more than a filthy bouquet of nose hair, with a face around it. 

I say, embrace it now, and let them go hog wild. 

On the Body - Honorable Mentions: 

Back & Shoulder Hair – care for a banana? 
Ass Hair – wiping just got a whole lot harder! 
Ear Hair – what is that constant rustling sound! 
Knuckle Hair – I repeat, care for a banana? 
Facial Hair – let’s face it, shaving sucks! 
Genital Hair – no explanation necessary! 

Off the Body. 

Now, as offensive and repugnant as unwanted body hair may be, it pales in comparison to finding hair anywhere off of the body. In this case, man, woman, child, or Wookie, we are all in the same nasty hairy boat. 

3) Foreign Shower Stranger Danger 

When you step into a hotel shower, often times, it has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, so you likely will not encounter any wild hairs. I’m pretty sure if you find one, you can complain and get free breakfast out of it. Seems fair. 

The showers that contain the most offensive wild hairs are shared showers that, unlike hotels, are not washed in between visitors.  These are the showers at friends' or relatives' houses, public showers like in a gym, or, even your own shower, if you happen to share it with people that you do not also make sex on (in some cases, the stray hairs of your partner in sexy sex may still disgust you, especially when it is time to wipe that hair catcher drain thing clean - don’t worry, your secret is safe with me). 

When faced with this foreign shower stranger danger, there are few ways to help cope. Latex gloves will allow you to touch things such as the shower curtain or faucets without risk of making contact with a hair. Bring your own soap. Because, Lord knows, when a wild hair attaches itself to a soap bar, there is no way of removing it without getting on your skin. 

Because the walls may in fact be lined with nasty long or short hairs, you may want to consider wearing some kind of rubber footwear to protect yourself from runaway hairs that could potentially graze your feet on their wishy washy way down to the drain. Shower caps will do in a pinch. You can also wear a full body wetsuit, but it is harder to get that deep down clean you might be looking for, and I keep getting fucking shampoo in the snorkel! 

The only sure way to avoid all icky shower hairs is to simply not shower. 

I will leave it up to you to decide which is worse: have a bad smell day, or risk touching rabid, loose, possibly diseased, wild hairs. The choice is yours. 

2) Secret Ingredient 

I think we all can agree that food is a pretty bad place to find a hair. There are different levels of severity when it comes to food hair, and what we are talking about here is known as the Secret Ingredient. This is when the hair is mixed deep down into the food, like in the center of your mashed potato pile, or mixed right into your marinara sauce. 

Not to be confused with the Secret Garnish (a.k.a. The Parsley), which is when a hair is gingerly perched atop your salad, rice or steak, the Secret Ingredient is far worse because you can't even attempt to pick it out, as you only find out about it when it is halfway down your throat. 

There really is no advice I can give you, except, if it is a restaurant, the rule is, never go back to said restaurant. If you cause a big enough scene, you might get free breakfast out of it, in which case, feel free to break the rule and go back, because, shit, free breakfast! 

If it is the hair of someone you know, who has just cooked a meal for you, kill this person. Don't worry, they'll never convict you. 

“I plead guilty, but seriously, it was a six incher mixed right into my spaghetti!” 
“Bert, you’re free to go.” 

1) Special Seat Sprinkles - Hair to the Throne

You’re running towards the washroom, number one, number two, either / or, it doesn’t matter, but you need to get there and get things started, stat! You arrive ready to unleash the fury when something catches your eye and interrupts your mojo. 

There’s a pube sprinkled on the seat / bowl / urinal / place one does their business. 

So, a few observations here, how does a hair like this get there? Is there someone who ejects or explodes pubes from their pants as soon as they unzip, like some sort of pube based firework display? Is it actually a head hair, and if so, what is the person’s head doing so close to the pee and/or poo zone? Was there some furious wiping that caused some bum hair shedding? Who looks at the bowl on their way out, sees a bunch of their hairs and decides, “Hey, I’ll leave it for the next visitor”? 

An asshole, that’s who. 

The best way to deal with this problem is to always go to the washroom armed with matches, so that you can light fire to the suspect hairs. As an added bonus, it will warm up the seat on those frosty winter morns. Also, it could help with the smell factor, if needed. 

If you are looking to be inconspicuous, I would say use a regular matchbook, found in most restaurants and bars. If, like me, you are afraid that the short match size might allow the hair to touch you while burning, I suggest those really long wooden matches normally used to light fire to the logs in a fireplace. It is not recommended, however, to attempt to light any logs that you may have dropped in th bowl, they are not made of wood, and will not catch fire. 

If you are scared of burning yourself, I suggest you use a leaf blower. 

Off the body - Honorable Mentions: 

Your Cubicle – someone’s been sleeping in my bed! 
Treadmill – I bet it’s sweaty too! It is! 
Seat on the Bus – I wonder where it’s going! Answer, your face!
Stuck to the T.V. – I knew that wasn't part of the show! 
The Wall – seriously, how the fuck did that get there, and how is it staying there? 

I think these are just some of the many reasons why anytime you hear about futuristic alien societies coming to visit crazy rural folk, they are hairless, smooth and shiny. I think all intelligent beings will just eventually evolve themselves out of having hair. We, as a race, just aren’t there yet, which is probably why the aliens never stick around. They get off the Mothership and are like “ewww, there’s fucking hair everywhere here, lets bail.” 

That’s it. I need to go draw myself some eyebrows.


  1. When my teens find hair in their food I am fond of saying, "Well at least it's cooked."
    Your hobbit feet remind me of one of the stupidest things I ever did: shower in the woman's public washroom at a campsite. I don't even know how to explain this but here's the punchline. When I thought about it later, I recalled the shower stalls being open on the bottom about 15 inches off the floor thus when the woman showering in the next stall looked down she must have done a double-take at the woman in the next shower stall with seriously hairy feet and legs. Or maybe she just thought it was Rosie O'Donnell.

  2. This is what we have to look forward to? Losing hair where we want it and growing it where we don't.
    "living in the shire".LOL.

  3. I thought this was going to be about Hair, you threw me of with the picture.

    But I kept reading even when I realized it wasn't.


  4. “Don’t eat me, ogre!!!!”


  5. i now feel that all my efforts to be completely hairless have not been in vain. except for my plucked eyebrows ;)

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who is this afraid of hair.

    Oh and I almost choked on my coffee a couple times. So good job.

  7. hairy toes, back, ass and nose...

    You've got me all sentimental thinking about my Mum

  8. As I always say, I'm part sasquatch on my father's side (fortunately not on my back). All the same, I try not complain. I worry that karma will cause the hair on my head to get mad & start to disappear if I do.

  9. Well, I must say... Bert, I just stumbled in here, but you are too sexy, hair and all. And I'm so glad you managed to say out of jail, so I'm a new follower. Worried now?

    Seriously, it gets aggravating as hell for us womenfolk to have to deal with the hair issue. And the older we get, they start to grow out of places that make you think.. What the...? When the hell did that show up??

  10. Hobbit feet? LMAOOOOOOOOOO

    God hair is such a pain in the friggin' ass. But not as painful as waxing it is. Ay Dios mio.

  11. I know about painful hair removal because I'm on a one woman mission to be a naked mole rat, via laser hair removal. YEAH.

    Did someone mention manscaping? Because, yep. Word. Also, I feel like maybe you would hate the word manscaping. It seems like a thing you would hate.


  12. One of the most skeeve-inducing places to find hairs (ESPECIALLY short curlies) is embedded in a bar of soap. This happens primarily in what you call "shared showers." I have to admit that, when visiting friends/relatives and I use their shower (once more neglecting to bring a washcloth), I have to make damn sure I scrape off any escapees from my nether regions before replacing the bar of Irish Spring. Then again, I leave tell-tale fingernail track marks. So, my relatives KNOW what I did. Of course, if I find a curly stuck in the soap when I jump in, I just eschew the bar and opt to wash all over with the Head and Shoulders. Not as clean, but much better than lathering myself with pubic suds (plus, my weenie doesn't get dandruff).
    Brotherly pranks: when my brothers and I go go camping in Rhode Island and shower (separately!), we always do the following when asked to hand the bar of soap over the stall door: grab a handful of brillo and stick them on the soap. Then, we shout, "Remember to bring your own next tiume, numb nuts!"
    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some ogres cavorting in my backyard.

  13. You whiny guys could solve all of the hairs on the soap thing if you would use body wash. There are no bars of soap in my house.

  14. Never date a man with an ass so hairy it looks like it just consumed a box of oreos.

  15. Ok sooooooo I am on of those women who can't stand hair.
    Anywhere. I lift weights and I want my body smooooth.
    I also know a guy who also lifts. He shave every thing and or wax
    even his balls and ass.
    Hair is gross.

  16. We have to train ourselves to see a hairy lady as a beautiful natural beast.

    I'm going to laugh off of that line alone for a couple hours, while I pluck hairs from the top of my big toe knuckles.

  17. @Oilfield: NEVER! I have them.

    @dbs: Women's washroom at a campsite? When they saw the hairy feet they must have worried that they were in a bad 80's slasher movie.

    @Antares: That is 100% what we have to look forward to.

    @Penny: I think we've recently discussed my love affair for musicals... HONK HONK!

    @Drinker: It was between Ogre and Troll and ultimately, Ogre won.

    @Kage: I guess it's part of your job? I assume you don't also mean your head. I mean, it's cool if you do.

    @Toni: Oh God! I hope it was from laughter and not a hair in your coffee!

    @Glen: She sounds like a nice lady. Homely, but nice.

    @Vinny: If Karma is really angry it will move it ALL to your back.

    @Krissy: Thanks! Yeah, new surprises every day... at least it keeps things interesting...

    @Annah: I'd imagine waxing in the ol' bum crack would be a pain in the ass both figuratively and literally.

    @Lor: You know what? I had to ask the internet what it meant. Knowing now what it means, I can safely say, it should be added to my list of words to NOT say.

    @Al: FINGERNAIL TRACK MARKS! That's awesome, I wish I had thought of that to include here. Thanks for improving my guide with all of your wisdom.

    @Krissy Again: But then the sponge thing gets all full of hairs. It TOTALLY does.

    @Elly Lou: What the... ??? GROSS!

    @Kittycat: Any dude that can wax his balls, potentially, has no balls. But don't tell him I said that, if he lifts, likely he can kick my ass.

    @Christopher: At first I had written 'thing', but I think 'beast' works much better for that lovely comedic twist I was going for. Thanks for noticing!

  18. Those track marks (as opposed to "skid" marks) are telltale giveaways!
    Of course, skid marks are also telltale giveaways. Of a different sort.

  19. You forgot the palms. Nothing worse than hairy palms. So I hear.

  20. My blogging cohort, Brandon, has quite the hair sweater. Bigfoot style. It's epic. Just sayin'.

  21. PLEASE tell me you are going to market your own t-shirts with the first being one with aliens that says
    “ewww, there’s fucking hair everywhere here, lets bail.”

    I would like to pre-order one RIGHT NOW.

  22. I just spent some quality time with my epilady the other day. What the hell kind of mental disease possesses me to run that angry little nerve end torturer over my poor defenseless legs when I know I can get laid in my full furry glory is beyond me. I'm starting to think it would be easier to convince the entire rest of society that leg hair is sexy than it would be to convince myself it doesn't hurt that bad.

  23. While in Mexico I came across a woman who actually had to move her long toe hair to the side so she could paint her toenails blue. It was vomit inducing.

  24. @Home: FILTHY.

    @Beer: I would imagine that would create some pretty awful soap hairs.

    @Katie: That's a fantastic idea! Consider it stolen for future use. Once used, I promise you'll get a free one.

    @Tatty: You've already convinced me.

    @Knight: She must lead an awful, awful life.

  25. Dude, be careful out there. Tough crowd. I mentioned hair[]ball.*hides backstage*

  26. How could a post about hair be interesting and downright awesome? Easy - when it's written by Kev D. Love it man!!!

  27. @Antares: My kind of crowd... :)

    @Dr: Thanks dude. I've been away for a bit... hope to be back now and post a little more regularly... also to catch up on everyone else's blogs!