The Favorites.

I'm an album guy, not a "greatest hits" kind of a person.  I like to hear the whole of what someone was trying to say, not just a snippet.  As such, the idea of any "best of" compilation makes me feel all icky inside.

Moving right along, it would be just lovely if anyone and everyone that ever came across Highway 10 Revisited had time to read everything that I have ever written, but, it's just not very realistic.

As disappointed as I am by that fact, I figured it best to start a short list of the ones that best encapsulate how and what I write.  Also they're some of the ones that I feel are the least sucky.

Here they are, in no particular order, unless you count chronological:


You Talkin' to Me?
A detailed look at avoiding unwanted conversation with random acquaintances.

Seasonal Affective Disorder.
A dark look at how it feels to work in the wintertime.

An angry look at digital cameras in the age of information.

A slightly exaggerated look at why grocery shopping is more tedious than it needs to be.

An opinionated look at why this author thinks cars bring out the dumb.

Be Our Guest.
An accurate look at the adult sleepover... not the sexy kind!

The Last Straw.
An extended look at what makes marriage so awesome.


That's it.  Now feel free to read everything in The Archives.

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