Friday, June 24, 2011

Get on the Mic.

Good morning or something! Rather than just admitting to the fact that I have been mostly lazy and uninspired for the past few weeks, I will list all of the things that got in my way recently and prevented me from writing new material.  Some are reasons, some are excuses, and some are just thoughts that passed through my head.  I will not list laziness, because that would be too honest.  I seem to have problems writing routines when my actual daily routine gets upset.  It's DEFINITELY not because I haven't had the time.  So here they are, in no particular order, my list of excuses.

- Packing.
- Moving.
- Doing taxes.
- Clipping toe nails.
- What's my wife watching?  Jersey Shore?  I should probably study it.
- Eating.
- Watching zombie movies.
- Writing on a Wednesday seems wrong.
- I'll write tomorrow.
- But I currently need to poop!
- The sun is still up.
- The sun just went down.
- Umm...


Wait a minute... I just realized that this shtick is pretty much lifted from David Cross's "I Drink For a Reason".  But that's ok.  The main reason for writing this was to get my head back into it, and to assure anyone out there in TV Land that I have not died, stopped making observations, or worse, decided that I had nothing left to say.  I promise not to take any long breaks ever again ever, even though I can't promise that, since, at anytime I could wind up dead, stop making observations or decide that I have nothing left to say.  Anyways, I've made that promise before (see: Unclogue), so I guess I'm all about empty promises.  But this will be a NEW new chapter.  Chapter three of Highway 10 Revisited starting... NOW. Ready? And... Break.

That’s it. Welcome home Kev.