Monday, December 6, 2010

Express Yourself.

Often times popular slang terms come along and replace the previously popular slang terms meant to describe given actions, nouns, persons, or whatever. While I think that this is a necessity for the advancement of our species as a whole, and for the progression of popular culture in a society, I don’t always agree with the replacement slang terms. Sometimes the old one has not yet worn out its welcome, or simply, should not be replaced by such tacky new slang. I have carefully selected some examples to present here in an attempt to show you what I mean, and perhaps even assist in the bringing back to life of some expressions that I prefer over their modern day replacements.

1) Shaft.

Although it did not last long and was soon replaced by “dissed” or even “busted”, shafting somebody was what we said in my schoolyard days growing up when someone gave someone else the business. In today’s terms, you would no doubt know this as “burning” someone. You might even say “Oh, burrrrrrrn” or “burned!!!” or even concoct all sorts of insane hybrids like “burnination”, or “superburn”, or something involving burns ‘n shit.

Formulating a good burn and then telling someone that they got burned may indeed be satisfying, but it lacks the all out crassness and vulgarity of telling someone that they just got SHAFTED. A burn is something that might sting a little like, “Ouchy that burns!”, and then makes you shed a single tear. A shaft on the other hand…


Followed by vomiting, crying in the foetal position, years of therapy and an overwhelming sense of failure throughout the rest of life’s challenges. It’s a hell of a lot more degrading and demoralizing than a wimpy, sissy little burn. I’d take a third degree burn any day over a huge shaft. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

2) Wet fart.

Look, I can appreciate the humour and intelligence behind the construction of the word “shart”. But let’s be honest, it doesn’t hold a candle to the term “wet fart”. Wet fart is much more descriptive, raw and emotional. Incidentally, don’t ever actually hold a candle up to a wet fart, because it can cause explosions. People probably still say wet fart, here and there, but shart has clearly become the more popular term, and I really do feel that that is a shame. Wet fart is much more elegant and graceful (the expression, not the actual fart).

“Lord Backingfield wept at the sight of his eldest daughter shamefully retreating from her wedding ceremony at the tail end of a true wet fart. The crowd stood motionless, silent, horrifed. The white dress was a white dress no longer.”

3) Dickhead.

You’re probably thinking, “hey no, hold on just a second there ya ol' poo, people still say dickhead”. But think about it. Think real hard. Do they? Do they really? Not as much as they used to. I’m not sure what the direct replacement was, maybe it was douchebag. That seems to still be a popular one. The sad thing is, most people don’t know what a douchebag is actually referring to. Do douches even exist anymore? I guarantee that if they do, they definitely don’t have bags anymore. A dickhead, on the other hand, well that’s easy to figure out. It’s what you call someone, when they are being a dickhead. Say it a few times. You’ll see how satisfying it can be.

“What a dickhead.”
“Man, that Jeremy is a total fucking dickhead.”
“Let’s bail. This place is for dickheads.”

Feels good don’t it?

I think that if we all try real hard, we can start bringing back some of the best expressions of yesteryear. I know at first you may feel like you are going against nature, but I assure you, if the expression is awesome to the max, it will catch on once again, and return to the mainstream. Like fashion, I feel that slang can be cyclical. And then you will be known in your inner circle as one of the wonderful few that helped start the comeback and restoration of a once decayed piece of slang history. You will have been ahead of the curve, for once in your fucking life. Oh burn.

That’s it. I’m going to go shaft some more people.


  1. Dude. You shafted burn. Nice.

  2. Best comment ever. Sums it up so perfectly.

  3. I still think it is time for calling somebody a Gaylord to make a comeback - Oh I know it's wrong - but it just works dammit

  4. Always witha capital 'G' too, because then you are literally referring to the dancing guy.

  5. My friends and I are still holding on to "giving someone the shaft," but we use it as a term of screwing someone over (yep, i just used slang to define slang). Let me try again, when you go to a restaurant and they don't give you the proper portion of food, you've been given the shaft.

  6. That is abolutely heartwarming.

  7. I still use "dickhead". Especially while driving. Sometimes accompanied by other words.

  8. Sorry...
    I'm too young to appreciate all that "oldschool" slang.

    I like the new words better :P

  9. I can't part with shart. Mostly because I'm such a fan of the the word shartled - as in, "Jesus, you shartled me!"

    You know what word I miss? Turd. No one ever calls anyone a turd anymore. *sigh*

  10. @Tera: Thank heavens for good kind people like yourself.

    @Alex T.: Oldschool as one word... THAT'S EVEN WORSE!

    @Elly Lou: I'm willing to accept Shartled, since it is combining not two, but THREE words. And turd? I'd like to see TURDBURGLAR make a comeback, but, I guess, baby steps... we can start with turd.

  11. Bring back dynamite. Not DY-NO-MITE or anything like that. Just dynamite, as in: "That slice of American cheese was dynamite!"