Friday, December 23, 2011

Where the Cheese At?

Dearest Readers of HXR,

As you may have already noticed, I have been spending less time writing for your beloved Super Happy Fun Blog, Highway 10 Revisited, and spending lots and lots of time writing for my Action Packed Full to the Max Blog, Zombie Hall.

I have still been writing comedy and Highway 10 material, albeit mostly in my mind, and will document some new stuff in the Newest Year of all recent New Years in memory, 2012.

Here are a few thoughts that will likely work their way into some upcoming material:

- Why I stopped going to Open Mics
- Alpaca sweaters are awesome but the worst too
- Where did my pants button go?
- Yankee Swaps are fucked up
- Who buys this shit?
- Who watches this shit?
- Newt Gingrich? More like Shit Sandwich (and similar remarks for all of those candidates)
- Real Adventures of Kev D. in Public Restrooms
- But I don't FEEL 30...
- Never juice an onion
- Don’t try the hot sauce
- I’ve never had an ‘AH-HA’ moment, and I don’t know what it feels like
- Where jokes go to die
- Grown men look stupid in sunglasses, especially indoors
- Warm sheets good, warm toilet seat bad

And so on and so forth.

Happy Holidays and all sorts of hugs and shit,
Kev D.

That's it.  I should probably start writing some of that stuff.


  1. You're back here! Though I love Zombie Hall, Highway 10 is a different animal that I get excited to see in the reader feeder.
    The titles alone are funny. Although, what's a Yankee Swap? Guess I'll wait and see. Hugs and shit indeed.

  2. Is juicing an onion some sort of euphemism?

  3. All sorts of hugs and shit, haha! I need to use that line with my family, and promptly be disowned.


    - GameDoc

  5. Since you managed to escape the zombies; happy New Year to you.

  6. @Pickleope: I'll try to get back on track...

    @dbs: MAN... I wish.

    @RiotKitty: I wouldn't recommend it. Although... I could get away with it with my family...

    @GameDoc: I'm trying...

    @Antares: You too sir... I should probably resolve to be a better HXR blogger... :)

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