Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Celebrate Good Times? Come On.

It all started off when somewhere, some lunatic first thought to themselves that “saaay, Friday is one day before Saturday, and boy oh boy does that ever make me happy”, figuring it was like some kind of a holiday to him. So he goes around wishing everyone a ‘Happy Friday’. Wow, so witty and clever. This is the same joker who probably has a nickname for everyone he’s ever met in his entire life.

“What up [enter obnoxious nickname that only this person uses]?"

Long pause.

"[repeat obnoxious nickname but stretch out the final syllable and make the voice go higher and higher by at least three octaves]!”

You know, I bet they have a big fucking barbecue too, and always mention that they’re going to grill or golf or whatnot. They do real well for themselves, no doubt.  They say shit like 'that's what I'm talking about' or 'you da man' or 'story of my life'.  They’re named like, Karl or Travis, or Casey, or like Wendy. Well shit, the keener intern/temp/asshole from two cubicles down (the one who bakes cheesy doodles and marzipan hot buns for EVERYONE in the office every two or three days) picked up on this cheerful and awesomely fun behavior and started applying it to Mondays too. You know, to be ironical and/or cute or something. It wasn’t. It’s not. They’re not.

Telling someone that they have a ‘case of the Mondays’, Office Space style, is lame, but it isn’t nearly as lame as suggesting to “turn that frown upside down” and then bringing it all home with a big ol’ “Happy Monday!”

Seriously fuck you. Turn your head upside down and stick it UP YOUR ASS WITH BROKEN GLASS. Now. Go back to the temp agency forever and ever please. Now.  But hey guess what? Happy Monday and Happy Friday just weren’t good enough for these happy office folk. It was only the beginning.  This brings me to one dreadful Tuesday,  when someone said unto me, ‘Happy Tuesday’. I don’t remember when it was, but I seem to remember taking a few personal days afterwards, understandably so. I even contemplated quitting.  I wanted to set fire to my ears and never go back to the land of hearing.

“Well, enjoy the freshly baked lemon poppy seed jalapeño popper pizza bagel coffee cupcakes that I baked from scratch. They’re healthy and nutrasweet! Happy Tuesday!”

This is where we’re at now? Celebrating moments of time just for existing once a week? Obviously Wednesday and Thursday came next, and so now, we’re all pretty much fucked. Perky, chipper, screechy-voiced wienies are coming out of the woodworks wishing us all Happy Anyday and wanting to tell us about their weekends and plans and home renovations. What’s next you ask?

“Happy 5th of November everyone!”
“Happy dusk on a Sunday!”
“Happy Bathroom Break! Seriously, number one or number two?”
“Happy Which Conference Room is the Two O’Clock Meeting in this Afternoon??!!”
“Happy 3:17PM Eastern Standard Time.”

What happens when their birthday falls on a Tuesday? Does their head explode when they try to process the joy at having two such gigantic things to celebrate?

“Happy… Tuesduh-Berrrthday- toomEEEeeEEEee HELP …. SYSTEM FAILURE…”


Dare to dream.

The only consolation is that these people probably aren’t happy at all, and that’s why they need to pretend that it being Tuesday is reason enough to throw a HAPPINESS PARADE. Guess what? It isn’t. You can be happy, and it can be Tuesday, but if ever you feel the need to say Happy [insert any day of the week], please stop for a minute, take a big deep breath, and jump out the god damn window.

That’s it. Happy Tuesday.


  1. Ha! It's now Wednesday, which is my Friday, so "Happy Friday-ish" :)
    Yah, seriously I hate that crap, too. What really gets me are people who utter a meaningless phrase over and over for no apparent reason.
    I have a co-worker who says "Good times" or "Good stuff" all the damn time. I hate that one, where did that come from anyway?

    The worst? I went in for a nuclear test at my local medical facility the other day (yah, fun) and the tech kept coming in and saying things like, "Just a couple more minutes and we can give you that other drug. Good times." and "About half an hour and you'll be done! Good times."
    Trade ya'.

  2. MAN! That doesn't even make any sense, why would someone say "Good Times" like that. Insane.

  3. "Bring that frown upside down... Seriously? Fuck you!" BAHAHHA :) Agreed.

  4. If only my mouth was allowed to say what my brain thinks...

  5. Yup, you got it. They're all actually sad and dying inside. It's a clear defense mechanism. Now doesn't that make you feel like a real Happy Tuesday?! Others are miserable! Hoorah!

  6. The doctor's right. They go home and curl up into a ball and rock back and forth repeating Happy Tuesday over and over again. Clearly.

  7. I wonder if anyone ever really does Thank God, or Goodness, or Goats, or Gonads, or whatever, that it is indeed Tuesday.

    Hopefully not.

  8. I'm surprised you didn't mention how Hump Day is now used instead of Wednesday.

    P.S.: Happy Tuesday.

  9. This piece made me think of Dick from the wiener pills commercial. I bet he has "Happy ___!" for every occasion.